QF 2-Pounder Digital Instructions

QF 2-Pounder Digital Instructions

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About the Quick-Fire 2 Pounder – Anti-Tank Gun

At the outset of WW2 the 2 Pounder was the primary anti-tank weapon of the British Expeditionary Force. It entered service in 1936, three years prior to the onset of hostilities with Germany. It was mounted in a number of armoured vehicles and saw regular service until mid-1942 due to decreasing effectiveness against enemy armour. The platform was retired from the British Army in 1945.


Crew: 3-5

Calibre: 40mm (1.575 in)

Traverse: 360°

Elevation: -13° to +15°

Rate of Fire: 22 rounds per minute

 Model Information:

Designed by Connor Querin

65 LEGO® elements

1/35 scale

.Xml file for sourcing parts

Full-colour PDF instructions

2+ years of building experience is recommended